About us

Concrete Jellyfish is an Italian based (previously Australian based) design studio crafting by hand. We hope that through creating objects with love, intention and deeper meaning, our collectors have a greater sense of connection to them. A little piece of wearable art joy. 

Inspired by flora, fauna, culture and everyday life, we want women to feel empowered to develop their own unique style & celebrate the wonder that is the individual. 

7 years into the resin obsession our team are ever expanding their repertoire and refining their skills.  The studio’s unique method is a labour of love – specially developed to create our bright and intricate designs – our studio specialises in pieces made from hand poured, coloured and perfected high quality resin, combined with a variety of mixed media. The studio is now also embarking on a journey creating ceramics for the home. 

Rogue creative entrepreneurs embracing life and the culture of crafting by hand we can’t wait to share our passion, courage, quirk and everyday fun with you.

Thanks for visiting!  

Rene' xo


About Rene' | Designer & Lead Hand Crafter 

After studying social sciences and community development at University for 5 years Rene set off around the globe for some adventure. Her travels and passion for culture lit a fire in her creative belly. She lived, studied and worked in Thailand, England, Italy, briefly Japan & travelled to many other magical places. Being fully immersed in different cultures sparked a great sense of curiosity as to what cultural identity means to the individual and its importance in everyday life. This journey lead to establishing Concrete Jellyfish in late 2016 as a way of exploring connection to objects & how they interact with & can create a sense community. And the rest as we say is her-story.